Please see below for details of the course, recommended viewing areas, and our sustainability promise, for the Maratonina dell’olio DOP Canino.

Results of the previous races are available on the page results.

Race Course

On The Go Map

Best Viewing Positions

The best places for following your loved ones running the Maratonina dell'olio DOP Canino are:

  • Piazza Valentini, located just next to the start and finish line. This is a great spot to cheer your runner as they depart and return, there are shops and coffee bars in the area, and local stands will be available selling their handcrafted goods
  • Pineta Comunale San Vito, located just a short walk up the road toward Montalto, the Pineta is a large open space with a playground and space for the kids to run and play. You can also cheer for your runner as they pass both the 3rd KM and the 8th KM of the Maratonina dell'olio DOP Canino

Al termine della gara tutti i partecipanti ed accompagnatori sono invitati per il tipico “rinfresco” della Maratonina dell’Olio DOP Canino, la degustazione dei prodotti tipici, offerti da commercianti ed artigiani locali, si terrà nell’area del parcheggio dell’ Arancera. Per accedere seguire la strada sotto l’arco adiacente alla partenza della gara. Nella stessa area e’ disponibile un’area giochi per bambini.


Runners Canino ASD organises the Maratonina dell'olio DOP Canino. We support various environmental campaigns to drive sustainability and safeguard the environment. We ask all spectators to please ensure that any rubbish is disposed of in the bins provided and bring your own refillable water bottles. Clean drinking water is available at the Pineta Comunale for all